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Large Format Print

We offer You large format solvent print up to 3000mm width in one panel, UV resistant, water- and weatherproof. Thanks to our high standard solvent plotters we can print anything in a short time without loosing quality. We are using only high quality solvent inks that involve with base permanently, aggresively penetrate its structure. Our prints are highly UV-, damage-, attrition-, temperature- and weather resistant. We are printing full color graphics / photos, vectors and texts on: paper, foil, canvas, mesh, flag and banner fabric material. Apply from advertising boards, shopfronts, vehicles, banners, billboards, lightboxes and flags to full color prints on trucks hood.

  • paper-posters.png

    Paper / Posters

    In our offer you will find a print on a high quality satin paper suitable for photorealistic posters and photos what can be used indoor and outdoor after previous laminating.

  • pvc-banners[1].png

    PVC Banners

    In our offer you can find a wide range of visual advertisement. We put forward our high quality PCV banners with full colour graphic or vinyl writing

  • self-adhesive-foils.png

    Self-Adhesive foils

    Gloss or matt white or transparent foil perfect for full color graphics. Usually used on shopfronts or lightboxes. Suitable also for advertising and sign boards.

  • mesh[1].png


    Used mostly on buildings with windows where light and air needs to go through. Suitable for a front building wall expositions.

  • backlit[1].png


    We offer you a full colour solvent print on Backlit material mainly used for menu boards in restaurants, fast food bars and petrol stations cut into required size.

  • blueback[1].png

    Blue back

    Blue Back paper is usually used for billboards what are one of the most popular forms of advertisement recently.

  • one-way-vision[1].png

    One-Way Vision

    For full color printing, suitable for vehicle windows or shop fronts. Because of the perforated structure this foil letting light to go through from inside giving optimal visibility.

  • canvas.png


    Perfect for decorating walls, to keep memories or in your shop to make it stylish and eye-catching. All our canvases are printed on a high quality fire resistant cotton material.